Nowadays, environmental activism is filtering into all aspects of our daily lives.

For the music lovers, the war on plastic was given a headline slot at Glastonbury festival 2019 after organisers banned the sale of plastic water bottles and gave the environment god himself, David Attenborough, a place on the pyramid stage.

The continually growing number of vegans, veggies, flexis and pescas mean that the dangers of meat and dairy industry are consistently at the forefront of all foodies’ dinner-time consciousness.

For the brand geeks, this year’s ‘State of Fashion Report’ stated that “satisfying the consumer demand for sustainability” would need to be the main objective for fashion labels, if they wish to succeed in the future and appeal to the newer generations.

Even children became environmental warriors and were spurred on by 15-year-old Greta Thunberg to strike school for climate change.

With “environment this” and “environment that” everywhere you turn, the topic of eco-friendliness and sustainability can often feel overwhelming and as though you are always doing something wrong.

We, at AlterEco, want to help take the weight of the world off your shoulders by showing you the little things that you could be doing to benefit the planet.

Let’s be real about this, we aren’t going to force you to go ultra-vegan or wear outfits made entirely of hemp. What we are going to do, is break down those stereotypes by demonstrating how easy it is to incorporate eco-friendliness into your daily life and how you won’t be missing out on a thing.

Food, fashion, politics, beauty, travel.

We want to deliver to you balanced, informed and reliable facts about the environmental issues that you care about, without screaming at you that “Soymilk will give you man boobs!” or “Donald Trump is killing the planet!”

Yes, climate change is what it is, but AlterEco will show you what some people are doing to make a small difference that will hopefully inspire you to make some too.