The annual Hong Kong Fashion Summit kicked off on Thursday to discuss the future of fashion and how to move towards sustainability.

Leaders from the fashion and textile industry gathered in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong to discuss the role that fashion trends are having on the environment and how the industry will be trying to reduce their footprint in the future.

Named, ‘Achieving Goals,’ this year’s summit theme was conceived to help raise awareness to the steps being taken by the fashion industry to progress towards a more sustainable future and what is being done to ensure that these targets will be attained.

Over the past two days, directors and senior managers from major fashion labels including Adidas, Gap, Hugo Boss, Levi Strauss & Co. and H&M participated in panel questions, discussions and keynote speeches. Topics included; ‘Enabling Sustainability in Global Supply Chains’, ‘Sustainable Technology Development from a Brand Perspective’ and ‘Getting Sustainable Fashion to Market.

To work with the theme of sustainability, members of non-governmental organisations like the WWF were also present at the conference to speak about the environment’s relationship to fashion.

In addition to businesses, entrepreneurs and government policy makers, the convention was also open to young fashion students, with the hope that it might encourage the next generation who are about to embark into the industry. The creators of the summit state that “youngsters are fashion consumers and will become parts of the fashion industry in the future, it is hoped that they will consider sustainability and put effort into minimising the industry’s impact on our earth.”