Investigative media outlet DeSMOG has obtained and revealed a leaked document addressed to the European Union’s and United Nations’ leaders, denying there is a climate emergency.

Four hundred independent climate scientists and professionals have signed a “European Declaration” letter denying that carbon emissions result in climate change, in an effort to deregulate carbon emission’s targets.

In the “European Declaration”, they acknowledge climate change exists yet argue there is no proof that carbon emissions are the cause of global warming and natural disasters, claiming such changes are “to be expected from the cyclic behaviour of the climate system”. They also strongly oppose the “net zero” policy for 2050, calling it “harmful and unrealistic”.

The Independent has said some of the notable climate deniers are related to a trans-Atlantic network of think tanks that try to prevent environmental laws from being made, and that they have a history of climate science denial. A Netherlands-based climate change denial group – Climate Intelligence Foundation (Clintel) – runs the campaign itself.

In the email, the group’s co-founder Guus Berkhout claimed, “signatures are being collected from persons who give a valuable contribution to the climate debate and are recognised as such”. However, Desmog found out among the 400 signatories, only a few of them have a background in climate science while the majority are writers, engineers and geologists without direct in-field expertise.

The group has planned further press conferences in Oslo, Brussels, The Hague and Rome, potentially clashing with Germany’s crunch meeting on emission targets  on the 20th September.

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