With people growing concerned over international environmental issues like climate change and the Amazon Rainforest fires, a survey has just been released that shows people are also becoming increasingly worried about the nature that is closer to home.

In a survey carried out by Natural England, it has been revealed that 90% of adults are concerned about the damage being done to the natural environment.

Sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs, the survey set out to monitor people’s engagement with the natural environment and track how this has changed and developed throughout the years. Although the percentage of people concerned has remained at a fairly steady figure, it has increased a further 2% from the year before.

Concerns about biodiversity have seen a significant increase over the past five years. The total percentage of people who stated that they were aware and concerned about biodiversity loss in the past year was around 62%, rising from 49% in the year 2014/2015.

With more people concerned about losing their natural environments, the study also showed that more people were committing to spending more time outside that in previous years. 89% of adults said that spending time outdoors was an important part of their lifestyle.

Where in England are people worried the most about the state of our natural environment?

According to the statistics, the people who are most concerned about natural spaces were from the east of England. 51% of residents from areas including Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich said that they strongly agreed with the statement, “I am concerned about damage to the natural environment.”

With less than 25% of people from London strongly agreeing with the statement, the capital showed the lowest concern about the natural environment in the whole of England.  

Who are the individuals that are doing the most to protect their surrounding natural environments?

It is the younger generations who are letting the side down on this front.  The survey showed that it was people aged between 45 and 46 that carried out the most social actions to protect nature. These actions included encouraging others to protect the environment, signing a conservation petition and donating their time or money at least once every 3 months to support an environmental or conservation organisation. This was closely followed by people who were aged above 65.

People aged between 16 and 24 were the people who said they did the least number of social actions aimed at bettering the environment.